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February 9TH - 17th, 2019


NEVOSH is excited to announce that we will be returning to Panama for our 2019 mission February 9th - 17th!

After two years in Lidice, we will be returning to the Penonome area and working out of the facility that has provided us with translators for the past several missions. We will be concurrently running a smaller satellite clinic in a more remote location approximately forty five minutes up into the mountainous surrounding area. The comfortable Hotel Coclé will again act as the home base for the entire group. We are very excited about returning to these two new locations and working once more with the Club Rotario El Dorado.


Application Instructions

1) Applications (available here) must be received by September 15th. After the application process closes, the documents will be sent to Panama for approval and missionaries will not be added.

2) Applications will not be considered until ALL supporting documentation is received. Some of the documents require notarization, so start to gather them now. Copies of documents from last year are acceptable if you still have them. If a document will be expiring, send the expiring document now and the updated one after you get it.

3) Space will be limited and the number of volunteers will be capped at a similar number as last year. Priority will be given to returning members. Returning members will be given individual approval as soon as their completed application is received. New member approval will be dependent upon how many spots remain and they will be notified no later than October 1st.

4) The application fee and mission fee deposit will be refundable only to applicants that are not accepted. For accepted members, the remaining mission fee balance (for hotel, transportation, and group meals) will be collected closer to the mission date once the amounts have been determined.

5) Make sure the email address listed on your application matches the email address that receives this Google Group message. If you would like to change the email address where you receive these group messages, please let me know and I'll update it.


On Monday, Oct 1st, 2018, the Friends and Volunteers of NEVOSH hosted a wonderful afternoon of golf and an evening of auctions and raffles. This was the sixteenth year for this event which is a tribute to its quality and the dedication of the supporting participants.

The entire NEVOSH membership would like to thank John, Cathy, and Emily Kerwin for their hard work and dedication in making this event so successful and enjoyable year after year.

Held each year at the Montaup Country Club in Portsmouth Rhode Island the first Monday in October each year, this is the primary fundraiser for Northeast VOSH. All of the proceeds from this fun event go to providing medications and supplies for the upcoming missions. For more information and registration please call Dr. John Kerwin at 401-245-5825 or e-mail him at