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1997 Lake Yohoa, Honduras

Lake Yohoa, Honduras 1997


January 1997 Lake Yohoa, Honduras. Written by Robert Schwartz, OD

The final mission to Honduras was again a partnership with the San Pedro Sula Lion Club, Ramon Rosa project Chmn. We stayed at the Hotel Brisas on the lake and worked out of a very small school two miles away. Lake Yohoa is about an hour is about and hour and a quarter from San Pedro Sula. There was not sufficient population to support a mission of our size and we saw only 1300 - 1400 patients. Due to the small gross income, the Lions had trouble providing bus transportation and we used the Lions personal vehicles. Not a great system. In spite of some minor problems we had a fine mission, and the medical clinic headed again by Dr. Stuart Zipper, and the physical therapy clinic of Lori Glumac were crowning gems.

The transfer of leadership was imitated on this mission and Carl Sakovits effectively ran the project in preparation for future years. After our customary four days on site we returned to Sula and on Friday most of the group went to Roatan for R&R.. It was a great move and the suggestion was made to forget the mission next year and go straight to R&R at Roatan.


Samar Awad, Joe D'Amico, Harry Hart, Greg Rios, Bob Schwartz, Carl Sakovits, Neerja Goel, Lila Schwartz

SUNY students
Natalie Eckstein, Kristen Fry, Alane Goldberg, Lina Escobar, Jon Wasserstein, Robert Plass

Stuart Zipper, Lori Glumac PT, Shirley Arnold, PA

Larry Ulm, Marty Fair, Tim Kennedy

Support Staff
Marlee Ort Ulm, Hilary Swisky, Darlene Boch, Zabelle D'Amico, Walter Jacobs, Jim Gatto, Diane Grant, Nancy Hart, David Hart, Claudia McLaughlin